If you need a home that is custom-built entirely for you, that reflects your specific needs and preferences, then you need a New Home Design. New Home Design involves new construction on a brand-new foundation. This is where you have the most freedom in customizing your home.
These services can be offered remotely.
New Home Design begins with careful consideration of the site. For local projects, we like to visit the site at least once to take photographs. For remote projects, we can typically proceed with a Site Plan and photographs.
In the Schematic Design Phase, we collect information by phone, text, or email that helps us develop a sense of the owner's unique style. We then develop the Schematic Floor Plan: A rough representation of the final design.
We modify the Schematic Floor Plan as many times as necessary until the client is completely satisfied with it. Clients may also use our Pinterest page to share images in the style of their choice to be used as a reference during the Design Process.
In the Design Development Phase, we fine-tune this floor plan and develop the Interior Elevations.
At the end of the Design Development Phase, Organicus LLC will share a 'Viewer' with the client that will allow them to view the 3D model from their own computers.
In the Construction Documents Phase, we use annotations and dimensions to give the builder the information they will need to construct the New Home.
Every set of these documents will include Interior Elevations of spaces including, but not limited to, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, etc. We use the floor plans and these interior elevations, whichever is most convenient, to illustrate to the builder exactly when and where your selections are to be used.
The Complete New Home Schematic Design Package will include the General Data Sheet, the Floor Plan(s), the Roof Plan, and the Schematic Exterior Elevations.
The Complete New Home Design Development Package will include the previous package with the addition of the Cover Sheet, the Site Plan, the Interior Elevations and the Schematic Electrical Layouts.
The Complete New Home Construction Documents Package will include the previous packages with the addition of the Foundation PlanWall Sections, the Door & Window Schedule, and the Final Electrical Layouts.
27 Years of Experience in Design
We Excel at seamless transitions, functionality, and at matching any architectural style.
We Excel at producing Construction Documents that are easy-to-read for the client and for the general contractor.
We Excel at producing integrated designs that compliment our natural environment.
Extensive library of product catalogues. (Light Fixtures, Paint Colors, Plant Materials, Appliances, Plumbing Fixtures, Doors and Windows, etc.)
Organicus LLC uses AutoCAD and Revit to produce it's Construction Documents. Occasionally, we rely on a French software called Artlantis to produce photo-realistic images that may help the client to better visualize the final product.