Landscape Design is the art of using plant materials and planting beds to create beautiful outdoor spaces that enhance and enrich the exterior of a home. It requires careful consideration of the existing house, the hardscape, the plant materials, plant needs, climate, and much more.
These services may require a visit to the job site.
Landscape Design will always include Plant Materials Specifications and a Plant Materials Care Package.
During the Schematic Design Phase, we first discuss with the owner their goals for their landscape, including their preferences for plant materials, colors, and textures.
We then create an accurate representation of the building's exterior walls including hardscape, doors, and window openings. Then we can start developing the shape of the planting beds.
During the Design Development Phase, we begin selecting plant materials.
If the hardscape is affected (which includes patios, driveways, sidewalks, etc.), we make sure the Landscape Design is complementary.
During the Construction Documents Phase we create the Final Landscape Plan.
The plant list, with all quantities and specifications, is incorporated into this plan. Finally, we produce the Care Package, which contains a picture of each plant selected as well as the information you will need to take care of your new landscape.
The Complete Landscape Design Schematic Design Package will include the General Data Sheet, the Site Plan, and the Landscape Plan.
The Complete Landscape Design Design Development Package will include the previous package with the addition of the Schematic Plant Specifications Booklet.
The Complete [Landscape Design] Construction Documents Package will include the previous packages with the addition of the Final Plant Materials Specifications Booklet, the Planting Details, and the List of Plant Materials.
27 Years of Experience in Design
We Excel at seamless transitions, functionality, and at matching any architectural style.
We Excel at producing Construction Documents that are easy-to-read for the client and for the general contractor.
We Excel at producing integrated designs that compliment our natural environment.
Extensive library of product catalogues. (Light Fixtures, Paint Colors, Plant Materials, Appliances, Plumbing Fixtures, Doors and Windows, etc.)
Organicus LLC uses AutoCAD and Revit to produce it's Construction Documents. Occasionally, we rely on a French software called Artlantis to produce photo-realistic images that may help the client to better visualize the final product.