"making this patio the perfect combination of an exterior and interior space"
They already had a screened-in back porch, which exited to stairs which descended to a patio below. The terrain was a bit steep, so the patio and the landing for the stairs were both elevated from the ground. An inconvenience.
The owner wanted access to their back deck from the upstairs Master Bedroom, so we expanded the deck and the patio below to support it. This allowed us to switch out their windows for a sliding door. We also screened in the patio below and gave it a fireplace.
Finally, we removed one of the windows downstairs and a bit of the surrounding brick so that a garage-style door could be installed there. On a beautiful day the door can be opened, making this patio the perfect combination of an exterior and interior space.
"The renderings are a treat."
The existing house had a patio and a pool. The back door exited abruptly to stairs, which descended to the patio. They wanted a screened in porch, so we designed it to match the level of the existing house.
We converted their fireplace into a storage cabinet with glass doors for electronics. The addition wasn't far from the existing pool, so making the stairs attractive and approachable without crowding the pool was an achievement.
"An invaluable addition to the Heart of Music City and a groundbreaking memorial to the history of African-American Music in the United States."
We were approached originally by another architect who had been hand-picked to lead the project; one Harold Thompson. He and his team had been tasked with designing the National Museum for African American Music here in downtown Nashville; an invaluable addition to the Heart of Music City and a groundbreaking memorial to the history of African-American Music in the United States.
He first came to us with a simple project: He needed some sections taken out of a 3D model his team had access to. We produced the sections to his satisfaction, and have been helping him produce the Construction Documents for the project ever since; from fine-tuning the floor plan to creating the interior and exterior elevations to collecting everything together into a single printable set.
We have also built a three-dimensional model of their lobby, which we will be posting pictures of soon! The NMAAM had expected a September opening of this year; however, construction has been delayed due to safety concerns related to the recent outbreak of the Corona virus. Hopefully, we will all be able to visit the completed museum soon.
Sunset Road
"He wanted us to design a very special swimming pool in his back yard."
We were referred to this client by the Dan Company; a construction company based in Nashville, TN. He (the client) wanted us to design a very special swimming pool in his back yard. He knew he wanted an infinity edge, a place for lawn chairs, and a place inside the pool where they could sit down and have a drink. What he didn't know was how to include all of these elements in a single design.
He also wanted to expand their sunroom in such a way that it became part of the home while serving the pool. So, we designed the pool and sunroom. Afterwards, we imported the 2D design into Revit and from there into another software designed to create photo realistic renderings. The client was very happy with the design, and the renderings look fantastic!
“expected to attract the business of natives, college students, and tourists alike.”
Our client had once been a waiter at a restaurant called Golden Thai, back before it changed ownership and became Lemongrass Thai. It had been a favorite place of ours to stop in for lunch; and he was our usual waiter. He had ambitions to own his own food truck; and had rendered an image of the truck he was going to buy with the logo of Thai-Ni-Yom branded on the side. He operated that truck, successfully, at the Farmer's Market in Bicentennial Park.
Pretty soon he wanted his own restaurant, and he came to us to design it. He was able to rent a space in the historic L&L Market on Charlotte Ave., a space expected to attract the business of natives, college students, and tourists alike. We went above and beyond for this client; creating some of the most attractive renderings in our company's history. The best part: He is still very successful!
Pueblo Viejo
"We are excited to see what this restaurant will look like when it is completed!"
The owners of this space hired us to remodel it to better suit their needs, and to create the construction documents they would need to have their restaurant 1) approved by the codes commission and 2) approved by the owners of the shopping center they were renting from.
The building had already been a restaurant, which simplified things. The owners wanted us to take out a few walls to open up their dining area, which required us to redesign a portion of the ceiling in that area. We also designed a bar for them, with access from a service corridor that opened both to the kitchen and the dining.
Of course, we still had to account for every piece of equipment they would use in their kitchens and behind their bar. Additionally, all dining surfaces and restrooms must conform to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. Fortunately, we were able to make their bathrooms compliant with minimal changes. Finally, we selected new wall colors, floor materials, and light fixtures for all areas of the restaurant.
Aylesford Lane
"The HOA had originally rejected the color we chose, but we stood our ground and they came around."
This client was one that had hired us fifteen years prior to design the landscaping for his old home. He had moved since then and, with the help of his own general contractor, made some modifications to his new home that his Homeowner's Association did not approve of. So, he hired us to help him find a compromise between what he and his HOA wanted from his home. Additionally, he and his significant other wanted to spruce things up a bit. They wanted to brighten up the colors of the interior and got us to select the colors.
We designed a front porch for them. We modified the little roof the client had added above his garage to suit the HOA. We also designed the landscaping around the front of their home and around their pool, and selected a new color for their brick. The HOA had originally rejected the color we chose, but we stood our ground and they came around. Altogether, the client is very happy with the finished product.
Los Churrascos
"The finished restaurant feels and looks great."
The client in this project had rented a space that had been a massage parlour. In its place, they wanted a Honduran-style restaurant. Most of the interior walls had already been removed when we got there, so there wasn't much to demolish. What they needed us to do was to help them design their kitchen and to create the construction documents they would need to get approval from the city for the renovation.
The building has a simple L-shape, with the entrance at the top of the longer stretch. The 'foot' of the building was just large enough to be a kitchen without intruding too much into the dining room. So, we designed the kitchen with a walk-in cooler, a dish station, their cooking equipment, a beverage station, and a waiter's station. The restrooms and the lights were already there, so we painted them to match the new colors for the rest of the restaurant. The finished restaurant feels and looks great. Check out the pictures!
Morgan Road
“This client wanted a new home design, and he wanted it to be modern on the inside and Spanish Colonial on the outside.”
Outside, in the front, there is a large watchtower built around the front door, which you pass through to get to the front door. A smaller arched opening sits a few feet above it, and behind it is another window into the home. Before you reach the entrance, just over your head, there hangs a light fixture made, in classic style, from iron rails.
We designed the inside of the home to be very open. As you enter, there is a stairwell just to the left that leads you up to a bridge between the two halves of the second story. From it, you can look out over the family room, see into the kitchen, or peer into the breakfast room.
The family room has a fireplace and a set of four sliding doors that lead out onto two back decks. It also has double-height walls, and for each door there is another window above. All the windows guarantee a surplus of natural light and a great view of the back yard, which is all tall trees.
The back decks may be the home's most impressive feature. The first deck is the more typical: a deck with railing and space for a few chairs. You can access it from the master bedroom or from the family room. The deck below that one, though, is much larger. It is constructed from stone, with all the space you might need for a party. It even has a fireplace and an outdoor kitchen.
Las Fogatas
"The before and after pictures for this project are remarkable. You should check them out!"
Our clients for this project were a Spanish-speaking family that had already owned another restaurant in Nashville: the first Las Fogatas. They had purchased a new, larger restaurant, and they needed an architect who could speak their language and help them accomplish their goals without breaking their wallets. We were happy to oblige.
The restaurant they purchased had been a Mexican restaurant previously; so there was much we were able to preserve, which included a large stone fountain in the middle of the dining room and much of the ceramic floor tile. The previous architect had used arches, arcs, and circular openings in many of the walls, which did give the restaurant the impression of a Hispanic style.
To add to this style, while also making it unique to Las Fogatas, we designed for them several pieces of Spanish Ironwork that fit into the existing architecture like a glove. We also designed a liquor bar and a juice bar for them, selected colors and finishes for all surfaces, and selected manufacturers for all the new seating. Outside, on their patio, we designed a gated dining area covered by a pergola.
Murray Lane
"She allowed us the opportunity to redesign her home with little to no restrictions."
We were hired in this case by a mother of two. She had a son and a daughter, and a husband who wasn't quite as interested in the design process. The house was a large ranch home that had been built in the sixties, and she wanted to make the house more contemporary. She also wanted her master bedroom suite to be more functional.
She had already decided to replace all the doors and windows, and she got us to select the manufacturers. Really, she allowed us the opportunity to redesign her home with little to no restrictions. So, we added a large new family room, with an entertainment center with bookshelves on either side, between what had been the old laundry room and their personal gym.
We created a new primary entrance where the laundry had been, and we moved the laundry room into the master bedroom suite. We also added a dining room and another full bathroom. Outside, we added a pergola and an outdoor kitchen. We also landscaped the front yard around the new entrance and the back yard around a set of stairs that led up to the deck of the pool.
The last time we visited the home was still under construction, but we will post pictures as soon as we can!
Bresslyn Road
"So when we got there the house was a skeleton inside a shell."
This two-story house had been purchased by Yvette Phinder, a member of Organicus, and her husband. They wanted to remodel and sell it. The previous owners had the same idea, though, and had even started to tear down all of the interior walls. They didn't finish the job, though, so when we got there the house was a skeleton inside a shell. Yvette asked us to come up with a design that worked with her vision for the home, while also working with the structure the previous owner had left behind.
Yvette wanted the house to be more open and more contemporary. So, we replaced the walls on either side of the stairwell with oak screen walls, and we added skylights above the stairwell. We opened up the kitchen to the family room & dining room, and added a pantry in the kitchen. We also added a bathroom to both the first and second floors.
The exterior of the home was in bad shape, so we removed all of the window shutters, repaired the damaged chimney, and repainted the brick. We also replaced the four slender columns in the front supporting the entry canopy with wider brick columns.
There was already a back porch, but it hadn't been stained or painted. So, we preserved the deck, demolished the existing stairs, and designed new ones. Now the home has a large contemporary deck with a patio underneath and two storage closets, and a very nice view of the back yard.
Las Palmas on Hayes Street
"The third renovation we designed for the owners of Las Palmas was also at their busiest store, right in the heart of downtown Nashville."
The building was in pretty bad shape, but it took them a long time to improve it because they dreaded losing business during the renovation. Of course, the building being old presented us with many challenges; but also with many opportunities for improvement.
On the inside, we remodeled the bathrooms, we added space to the kitchen, and remodeled the dining room and liquor bar. We used the same tiles we had used at the Las Palmas on Charlotte, and these light fixtures that look like microphones that everyone loves.
On the outside, we added an entry and a colonnade, as well as Spanish roof tiles and arches similar to those we had used in Charlotte. This renovation came out really well, and always gets great reviews.
Woodlawn Ave
"They wanted almost two homes in one; with a primary home and another above the garage."
The client for this project was the same couple that had paid to fly Leo out to West Virginia. They had decided to move back to Nashville from the Washington D.C. area, so they bought a property here on Woodlawn Ave with a little more than half an acre. They wanted it to be contemporary, and they wanted almost two homes in one; with a primary home and another above the garage.
We were given complete freedom to design and select everything. The colors, the materials used, the landscape design, the selection of the windows, right down to the main stairwell that connects the library on the second floor to the basement below the main foyer. After entering, the home opens up before you as you enter the family room, which has a fireplace and a cathedral ceiling. Continuing forward through the breezeway, you can enter either the garage below or the loft above. The loft has a full kitchen, a full bathroom, a large free room, and a pantry.
The owner had seen a window Leo Sapene had selected for another client, a composer, and decided he had to have the same windows in his house. We have more pictures of this home in our portfolio.
Caldwell Avenue
"The owners were extremely happy with the finished product. We were even invited back for the baptism of their son!"
We designed this addition for a young couple living near Belmont University. He was from Germany; she was a native of the United States. She was expecting a son, and needed a space where he could play, safely. They bought this home that had a deck on top of some open storage space, and they wanted to expand the deck and add a garage.
So, we designed a two-car garage, with closed storage, that had the same width as the existing deck and came out almost thirty six feet. We designed stairs that led down into the garage, and we covered those stairs with a pergola that tied into the existing roof. The pergola supported a sheet of Lexan glass; weather-resistant but not as expensive as tempered glass.
The new deck came out as far as the garage, so we designed new handrails and made sure the builder knew to weather-proof below the deck. We were also given the opportunity to design the landscaping for the entire property, which really helped to tie everything together. The owners were extremely happy with the finished product. We were even invited back for the baptism of their son!
Hazelton Road
"The home, and the property, are both gorgeous."
This is an interesting home we designed for a young woman working in the music industry. She wanted a home that would look like it belonged to the environment, and particularly one that would work with her property. The site was very steep, so we designed the first floor to have multiple levels; one for the foyer, another for the kitchen, and another for the family room; each a step lower than the last.
Out of the family room jutted a sunroom where she could put her grand piano, out of the master bedroom juts a sunroom where she does yoga, and between the two is a patio that overlooks the woods. Up the open stairs there are two bedrooms and two baths. The site made this home especially satisfying to design, and the client loves her new home.
Carondelet Place
"The home was a ranch house with basement; one of the few to utilize solar panels and solar water heating."
The client in this case was a family, a married couple with two girls, living in Brentwood. The home was a ranch house with a basement; one of the few to utilize solar panels and solar water heating. They wanted a large addition to the back of their home, and they hired us to design it.
So, we added a master bedroom suite. We remodeled the entire first floor, including the kitchen, and added a deck that wraps around the back of the house; with access from the living room and/or the master suite. The deck is a warm gray, weatherproof composite. They had a tree they wanted to preserve, so we designed the deck around it. We also designed landscaping for the home, which is now nearly twice as large, more attractive in the front in the back, and much more functional.
Las Palmas on Charlotte
"The timing for this project was perfect, as the West Nashville/Charlotte Pike was experiencing significant development at the time."
The building was originally built to be a pizza parlour. When we got there, half of it had been rented out as a Vietnamese restaurant and the other half was empty. The family that owned the Las Palmas restaurants had purchased it to become the newest addition to their chain, and they hired us to combine the two spaces and to give the new restaurant a unified theme.
The first step was to demolish most of the existing building. As it had been two restaurants, it had two separate vestibules and two separate kitchens. We demolished both vestibules and designed a new one that projected a few feet from the storefront. As for the two kitchens, we kept one to remodel and allowed the other to become additional parking.
The restrooms had been in rough shape, so we demolished them and designed new restrooms that were much more comfortable and that conformed to the latest ADA guidelines. The new, redesigned restaurant has a large outdoor patio, a large kitchen with an office and employee locker's, plenty of storage room, and a waiter's station. We also designed a liquor bar and, per the owners' requests, a pick-up window for drive-through orders.
Madlen's Spa
"They've been in business now, at their present location, for several years."
The previous owner of the building had sold dresses, and had painted most of the walls pink. The new owner had already had a successful business, which had been located just down the street from what had been the old Tower Records. When Tower Records went out of business, they sold that property and bought this one. It was on West End, and much closer to Vanderbilt.
It was a long space in an old shopping center. She wanted an entry, a waiting area, and some exhibits where she could sell beauty products. She also needed two stations for hair stylists, with a shampoo station each, and three skin care areas for peels and facials. We designed everything, and also picked all the new colors and finishes. They've been in business now, at their present location, for several years.
Ashwood Avenue
"We were given the opportunity to join the architecture and the landscape."
We were hired by a doctor, a cancer specialist, who worked at Vanderbilt. He had purchased this home on Ashwood Avenue that was close to Venderbilt. It was old and needed an update of style.
For this project we completely remodeled the exterior; to include landscaping, a garage in the back, a pergola, and a wood fence. This project turned out great; we like it especially because we were given the opportunity to join the architecture and the landscape.
Las Palmas on Nipper's Corner
"This was the first of several Las Palmas restaurants we helped to improve."
The owners were a nice family who already owned eleven restaurants in the Nashville area. They hired us partly because we spoke Spanish, and partly because we had already designed several restaurants. They needed us to improve the appearance and functionality of the Las Palmas on Nipper's Corner, a shopping center at the corner of Edmonson Pike and Old Hickory Blvd. They wanted, among other things, a liquor bar, booths for large parties, and a larger waiting area.
So, we competely redesigned their dining room. The front doors now open into a waiting room with access to the dining room, to the liquor bar, and to a room where people can sit while waiting for a table. We also designed an outdoor patio for dining, to make better use of the storefront between some existing exterior columns unique to Nipper's Corner.
We reduced an existing storage room (which was too large anyway) to add a lot more room to their kitchen. We reconfigured the space they had in the back to make their kitchen more functional, while also giving them a janitor's closet and two offices. They were very satisfied with our work, and have since then hired us to work on many of their other restaurants.
Fairfax Avenue
"An interesting project in the Vanderbilt area; close to the 'Dragon Park'…"
…This was another project done in collaboration with the Wills Company. The clients were an older couple who frequently entertained grandchildren. They wanted to expand the boys’ room and the closet they shared when they were visiting. They also wanted a large media room and a decent-sized storage room.
The challenge was to give them the extra spaces they needed without making the addition look out-of-place. We were able to do this by designing a roof for the expansion that had three slopes. Two of these connected the slopes of two gable roofs that already extended from the back of the house.
The third slope, the top slope, was a ‘flat roof’; which is a roof with a small slope that requires that specific materials be used. This allowed us to give them all the room they needed, and all the functionality they were missing from their second story.
Los Compadres Shopping Center
“So, we helped the owners to split the unused portion of the building into two commercial properties.”
Some of the building in which we had designed Los Compadres was still not being used. So, we helped the owners to split the unused portion of the building into two commercial properties. One became a hair salon, and the other a liquor store.
This time, on top of the challenge of working with what was still an old and dilapidated building, we had also to consider the wishes of the owners of the renters of both units. We were ultimately successful, as both units have consistently had renters ever since.
James' Salon
“The owner was a hairdresser who wanted to have his own studio.”
He was able to rent a small unit in a much larger building, close to Vanderbilt, where he ran a successful salon for two to three years. The building, and unfortunately the salon, no longer exists; but this client did come back to us quickly for a new home design.
Critical Care Tower
“GR completed the installation, and Vanderbilt was very happy with it.”
Green Resources is a company based in Old Hickory, TN, who specialize in the installation of interior landscapes. They were hired by Vanderbilt University Hospital to revitalize one of their atriums. Green Resources gave us the opportunity to contribute; we picked the plant materials and created presentation drawings for GR to deliver to Vanderbilt. GR completed the installation, and Vanderbilt was happy with it.
Acklen Avenue
"We helped them make good use of the extra space, and to make the sure the addition complemented and contributed to the architectural style of the existing home."
This was an arts and crafts home on Acklen Avenue. Most of the work we did was upstairs, where the slope of their roof limited the space they had to work with. So, they had decided to raise the back roof (behind the front of the home) to allow them to expand. We helped them make good use of the extra space, and to make the sure the addition complemented and contributed to the architectural style of the existing home.
We demolished the upstairs layout. In its place we designed a brand-new layout including a studio, a master bedroom suite, and a family room with access to a screened-in balcony. The master bedroom had a large walk-in closet, with access to a storage room. The screened in balcony has a great view of their green back yard and serves as a covered porch for the level below.
Peter's Sushi & Thai
"He was a sushi chef. She was a cook."
When we first met them, they were (and still are) a married couple working together for another restaurant. Sometime later, they would purchase their own restaurant and operate it successfully. We went there often because the food was delicious and because they were close.
Soon they were ready to move up, so they hired Organicus LLC to design Peter's Sushi & Thai; located in Brentwood Place (formerly the Kroger shopping center). It was an immediate success; and one of the first successful Japanese/Thai restaurants in the Nashville area.
Wayland 1 & 2
"Both homes were sold before Serenity Development had completed building them!"
These are the second and third homes we designed for Serenity Development, after the Tudor home we designed for them at the corner of Woodlawn and Worthan. Wayland 1, as we named it in our project folder for this home, is more traditional. It has an elevator AND a waiter's elevator, a full attic, and a garage in the basement. It also has a driveway in the front that makes a complete circle with the road, with a set of stairs leading up to the front door not six feet from it.
Wayland 2 is a Tudor style, with it's use of stone and brick, flared rooves, lintels and sills. It also has a 3-car garage that connects to the main house through a breezeway, and a circular drive in front of the house that you enter from one side of the street and exit on the other. The garage is actually below the main home, by a half-level. It has a nice front porch, a back patio, and a large second floor containing four bedrooms, a play room, an unfinished bonus room, and four-and-a-half bathrooms.
"Another design for Serenity Development, this home has a more classical architectural style."
It's a unique house, with a garage that sticks out of the back at an angle. It has several windows in the front, on both the first and second stories. In the back, though, it has even more.
Behind a large master bedroom suite there is a family room with a fireplace and several windows; and between that and the garage is a sun room. It has a large front porch and a stairwell that's open to the foyer below. Upstairs it has three bedrooms with a full bathroom each, a study, and a media room with attic access.
Leeland Drive, Falls Church, VA
"...they did not even have to list it. In fact, it was sold the same day they decided to sell it."
This house was a split-level home the client had purchased in the 60's to rent. It had deteriorated in some places and needed some work, and they wanted a designer they were familiar with. We had already impressed them with some work we had done for them when they lived in the Nashville area, so they flew Leo Sapene, one of our founding members, all the way out to Falls Church, VA.
Leo took all the dimensions and pictures he needed while he was there to recreate the home in AutoCAD. After he arrived back in Nashville, TN, he got to work redesigning the home. We completely remodeled the lower level. We took a bedroom, a storage room, a bathroom, and part of a corridor and turned all of it into a large master bedroom suite.
The most striking changes made were to the exterior. We bumped the foyer out about eight feet to the front of the house, so it gives the home a lot of character and curb appeal. We also added a large wooden deck to the back yard, with access from both levels and the master bedroom. Finally, we landscaped the entire project and designed a garden shed.
When these clients decided to move back to Nashville a few years later; and decided to sell this home, they did not even have to list it. In fact, it was sold the same day they decided to sell it.
Tyne Boulevard 2
"They wanted an elevator that looked like a Tardis..."
We did this project for the owners of a highly successful chain of retail stores. Out of respect for their privacy, we won't be naming the owners or the store. We can say, however, that they were 'Dr. Who' fans, and that they wanted an elevator that looked like a Tardis, with an elevator shaft that looked like an ascent from hell, past earth, and up to the heavens.
This project was also a collaboration with the Wills Company. Together, we remodeled their entire home. They wanted a large walk-in closet, so we sacrificed an adjacent bedroom to accommodate. It was altogether a very interesting project.
Duplex @ Woodlawn and Worthan
"They wanted a duplex that didn't look like a duplex..."
The client in this project was Serenity Development; who had looked briefly at the Tudor home we had designed in collaboration with the Wills Company. They wanted a duplex that didn't look like a duplex, and they wanted it to have a Tudor style.
So, we designed the house with two fronts; one on Woodlawn and one on Worthan. People typically comment that 'both' houses have a lot of character, and that it's not like any other duplex they've seen. At 7,000 SF each, they're larger than typical duplex units. We even got to design the landscaping for both homes.
Tyne Boulevard
"In Belle Meade, you could call a project a remodeling if you left something of the original house..."
...So we left the basement and the fireplace. Everything else is new. The project was done in collaboration with Ridley Wills of the Wills Company. The clients wanted a house that was authentically Tudor. They loved the arts and they loved good architecture, so they appreciated the time and the effort we put into making every detail just right, from the built-in bookshelves to the brickwork in the new fireplace. The finished product is truly a work of art.
Pinewood Road
"Good landscaping is the difference between a yard and a paradise."
This was a large landscaping project we completed for a client we have worked with before and since. He had a large brick house on Pinewood Road. The house was attractive, but the land hadn't quite been developed. So, we first designed the landscaping layout. Then, we selected specific plant materials to be used.
We then created a care package for all of the plants selected so that the owner, or a hired caretaker, could keep the plants healthy and maintained. Finally, we produced the set of construction documents with dimensions that the contractor would use to 'build' the landscaping.
Good landscaping is the difference between a yard and a paradise. By carefully selecting the right materials, we were able to give purpose to the main entrance, to drastically improve the home's curb appeal, and to make the yard as much a part of the home as any room.
White Oak Road (Construction)
"The finished product is a work of art, and we don't mind saying so!"
With the house now designed exactly to his liking, it was time to build it. At the time, Leo was working part-time in Nashville as a teacher and full-time for another architectural firm, in addition to managing Organicus. He'd hired a general contractor with plenty of experience building homes, but not so much building a house of this particular style. He was open to Leo's input, though, so working together they were able to create a finished product that was up to Organicus Design's standards.
Leo personally designed and built several features of the home, including the railing for the stairs leading into the basement and a wall by the entry with a curved accent. Leo selected and installed the cable lights that lit up the bedroom hallway, and he designed the columns that supported the carport/entry roof. These were constructed from four wood posts with wood spacers to maintain rigidity, and set into metal bases that Leo had to have fabricated in Nashville and transported on site.
White Oak Road (Design)
"The client in this case was actually the owner of the Organicus..."
The client in this case was actually the owner of Organicus, who had the time and the resources to design and build his own home. Leo Sapene had purchased a property in Monterey, TN that had almost 8 acres, 2 creeks, and an abundance of tall trees. He wanted the house to exist in harmony with nature, and designed it so that the transition between the outside and the inside of the home was as subtle as possible. He accomplished this by using large windows in the common areas and plenty of natural lighting throughout.
The main floor was designed to have two levels, about a foot apart, with the living and dining rooms on the lower level. In the basement would be a family room, and a full bathroom wih an exercise room and sauna. On the first floor, a deck would wrap around the house connecting the breakfast room to the master bedroom. The home would have a carport by the front door, with the roof above it connecting the main structure to a small arts and crafts studio/storage room.
St. Paul Southern Christian Academy
"We were able to use the natural contours of the land when we created the seats for this outdoor auditorium; without much groundwork at all.”
St. Paul's wanted an amphitheater in front of their church, where they could stage events for the young attendants of their school. They were gracious enough to remember the work we had done for them in '98, and hired us to design it for them.
The site was extremely cooperative, which does not usually happen. We were able to use the natural contours of the land when we created the seats for this outdoor auditorium; without much groundwork at all. It's a large building constructed with cedar siding, with access from the front and from the side. We used a stain instead of paint, so the entire building looks very natural. They were very happy with it!
St. Paul Southern Christian Academy
“We were able to achieve everything they needed with both spaces.”
St. Paul Southern Christian Academy on Hillsboro Pike in Nashville, or St. Paul's, hired us to transform a single room and some adjacent spaces into two offices (without cutting circulation into the children's library) and to redesign the staff lounge in the administration building.
To accomplish the first objective, we demolished the single room in the middle of the floor plan and took some space from the children’s library (but not much). In the now-open space we designed their two new offices. We also designed a new entrance into the children’s library. We made the office nearest that entrance curved, which creates the effect that the wall is guiding the visitor.
To accomplish the second objective, we first cleared out what they had in the existing rectangular space. This included a closet, some cabinets, and some shelves. Then we designed a new layout that included one space with kitchenette and a table with four chairs, and another space for various appliances.
All affected spaces now function much better. We have reason to believe the Academy agreed, as they hired us again the following year.
Rolling Fork Drive
"The clients wanted to turn their garage into an efficiency apartment for their daughter."
They had a house on three stories, with a patio and a deck on the second level, and another deck on the third. We were able to put a fully functional apartment into the garage. We also completely redesigned the exterior of the home, to be more consistent and contemporary. We have before and after pictures. The difference is remarkable!
Battlewood Street
"They had a big house in Franklin, a very beautiful city in Tennessee."
They wanted to create a gated entrance to their property, with a path laid between the entrance and their front door. They had already hired someone to design a swimming pool for them, and they wanted us to design the landscaping around it and along the path. They also had us design a screen room overlooking the pool.
3rd Avenue South
"In the back, it has two decks looking out over downtown."
We were hired to remodel the building into a duplex (with two efficiency apartments inside) without changing the exterior. We redesigned the front and added a canopy with brackets. The brickwork under the canopy was remarkable, so we preserved it as best we could.
During demolition, one of the walls collapsed completely and had to be rebuilt. Luckily, the owner had the resources to cover the extra costs. The general contractor did an exceptional job. We have before and after pictures. Check them out!
Otter Creek
"The client was a Civil War aficionado from Michigan."
He had a ranch house, on two stories, close to Radnor lake. He wanted to swap out his carport for a two-car garage, and to build a room on top of that garage to store his history books. He also wanted a larger master bedroom, and to change the Architectural style of his home from  Ranch to Cottage.
The stairwell up into the library addition had to cut through the existing master bedroom suite, but we were able to redesign the floor plan so that the master bedroom itself is larger and so that no sacrifices were made to the sizes of the closets or the master bathroom. The stairs leading up to the libray are readily accessible from the master bedroom door and the front entrace, and the library itself has a cathedral ceiling and a fireplace.
To achieve the change of style that the owner desired, we designed a covered front porch for the entrance, connected to a breezeway that led to the garage. The porch and breezeway were designed with wood posts and ornamental braces painted white, and the roof structure for the library addition was designed to match. We also designed stone planters on either side of the entrance, and a dormer to cover the stairwell.
Springhouse Court
"The client for this job was a famous pianist from New York City, but we can't tell you his name!"
His primary residence was in Missouri, but he had a second residence here in Franklin, Tennessee. He wanted to add a fountain with a sculpture to his front yard, and he wanted to add some landscaping around the fountain. He also wanted us to design the landscaping for the rest of his front yard and in the back yard around his patio. He gave us a photo with a dedication and his autograph!
Russel Street
"The house was a historic building located in East Nashville."
The house was a historic building located in East Nashville. The client was considering retirement, and looking to improve the beauty of his home. First, he hired us to landscape the front, side, and back yards. Later on, he called us again to design a large addition to the back of the home. The addition included a large master suite, a bathroom with a steam room, and a screened-in porch. The steam room had a sloped ceiling, so that water that condensed on the ceiling could dry easily.
Because the house was historic, we were required not to match the existing style exactly. We had to make it noticeably different, so that visitors to the district could see clearly where the addtion ended and where the original home began. We also added a pond, with a little waterfall made of stones, that could be watched and listened to from inside the screen room. The pond was designed to support an ecosystem of plants and fish, with a filtration system that ran constantly. The sunroom quickly became this client's favorite place to relax, to sit and to read.
Airways Plaza
"We were hired by another company to design the plaza between two office buildings."
The buildings had been there for years and needed remodeling. The existing plaza was demolished except for the peripheral planters. Because these were angular, and steep, we used plants whose roots would prevent erosion. We added benches, with trees on either side to provide shade in the future. Altogether, we drastically improved the appearance of the plaza from both buildings.