Design Process
Schematic Design
-The Schematic Design Phase begins during our first free consultation, where we will learn all about your project. We pay close attention to your ideas and concerns and start developing a program to fit your needs. This program will soon be reflected in our Design Services Proposal, in which we will estimate time required for completion of the project.
Unlike most designers in the residential market, our fee is determined by this estimate and NOT by a percentage of construction costs!
-After the proposal is signed, we will take pictures of the site where the building is to be located (for new homes); or visit the existing home (for additions and renovations) for the purpose of taking the necessary measurements to create an accurate representation of the structure in our drafting software.

-We will then develop Schematic Floor Plan(s) that reflect the design needs detailed in the Design Services Proposal. We will then adjust these Schematic Plans as many times as necessary until the client is completely satisfied before moving to the next phase.
At the end of this phase, we recommend that the client have a general contractor use the Schematic Plans to generate a cost estimate.
Design Development
-For a Basic Design Services Package, the Design Development Phase includes production of a Site Plan, Roof Plan, Exterior Elevations, and a Schematic Electrical Layout. The Site Plan is where we will locate the addition(s) on the building site, and where we will design sidewalks and driveways when necessary. Interior Design Services available during this phase include: appliance, plumbing, and light fixture specifications, as well as material, finish, and color selections. If specified in the Proposal, we would produce the Schematic Landscape Plan during this phase.
Construction Documents
-It is in this phase that we produce the final set of drawings to be used by the contractor to construct your new home, addition, or renovation. This set will include the completed Site Plan, Floor Plan(s), Roof Plan, and Exterior Elevations as well as the Wall Sections and Door & Window Schedules required by the builder. If applicable, we would specify in these drawings all material, finishes, fixtures, etc. selected during the previous phase.

-If requested, Organicus LLC will act as your agent as you select a contractor and during construction. We will visit the site an agreed number of times and during important construction events such as the pouring of the foundation, any required demolition, application of finishes, etc.