For all construction projects a set of Construction Documents must be prepared. These drawings will guide the contractor in building precisely according to the clients wishes. We specialize in creating these documents.
For local projects, we like our first meetings with the client to be in person and on the job site. This is the best way for us to collect enough information about the project to write a fair proposal. For remote projects, we will gather as much information as possible by phone and email. Based on our understanding of the needs of the client and the nature of the project, we can then prepare our Design Services Proposal.
Our fee is based on an estimate of the time we expect to spend on the project.
After the initial consultation, we can communicate about the project by phone or email.
If you accept our proposal, you can mail a check to the address shown on the proposal. Payments can also be arranged through Zelle. This first payment signifies the initiation of the project.
Schematic Design Phase
We will first develop the Schematic Floor Plan, a rough representation of the final design. We will modify these plans until you are satisfied with the layout of your New Home or Home Improvement.
For New Home Designs a topographical survey is required so that the building can be located on site and special conditions considered.
For Home Improvements we use measurements and photos of the spaces being modified to create accurate representations of them in Revit.
At the end of this phase, we recommend that the client request a preliminary cost estimate from their general contractor.
Landscape Design packages will feature a Landscape Plan rather than a Floor Plan.
Design Development Phase
After the Schematic Design is accepted, signified by our receipt of payment for the Schematic Design Phase, we move on to the Design Development Phase. During the Design Development Phase, we fine-tune the ideas presented during the Schematic Design Phase.
If electrical layouts are needed, the Schematic Electrical Layouts will be produced during this phase.
For all services except Landscape Design, we can share with the client a 'Viewer' that will allow them to view the model from their own home. This can be done through a link that can be sent via email.
All design packages besides Landscape Designs will include Interior Elevations.
For Interior Design services, we select materials, colors, finishes, and design special casework. We also select plumbing and light fixtures, as well as kitchen and other electrical appliances for review by the owner.
For Landscape Design services, we select plant materials and design planting beds and planting arrangements. We will also give the owner a booklet of specifications for each plant material to be reviewed by the owner.
Construction Documents Phase
In the Construction Documents Phase, we include all the information your builder will need to complete the project. The Construction Documents will also include all the information required by the city before it can grant building permits.
If needed, we will produce the Foundation Plan, the Door & Window Schedules, and the Final Electrical Layouts during this phase.
For Interior Design services, we include in the Construction Documents all Interior Design selections and specifications.
For Landscape Design services, we create a care package that contains all the information you will need to care for your new landscaping.