About Us
Organicus LLC has been designing beautiful and functional spaces for Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas for twenty-seven years. It takes a holistic approach to design; integrating interior, exterior, and landscaping for the complete package. All drawings are created in-house, using the latest drafting technology available. Organicus LLC works with a network of engineers that guarantee all designs conform to current and local building codes. First consultations are free, as well as preparation of the Design Services Proposal.
Organicus Inc. was formed in November of 1994 by Alan Robertson and Leo Sapene.

The business started as a landscape company offering design and build services. A year later, Organicus moved to its first office on 2815 Azalea Place in Berryhill. It rapidly expanded its services to include residential, commercial, and interior design. In the year 2000, the incorporation of Organicus was dissolved; the company continued as a sole proprietorship owned by Leo Sapene.
In 2004, Fabian Bedne joined the team as a co-owner and Organicus became Organicus LLC. The company now operates through a virtual office in the homes of both owners.

In almost 29 years of service, Organicus has provided quality designs for many new homes; and additions and renovations for many existing homes. It has helped to make the city of Nashville and the surrounding areas even more beautiful by providing attractive and informed landscaping designs. It has served the community, particularly the Latin-american community,  by designing new restaurants and improving others. Organicus has also worked to improve hospitals, museums, churches, and more.
Design Principles

We are committed, firstly, to designing beautiful, functional spaces that suit both your unique lifestyle and location.

We incorporate fine craftsmanship into our work by:

  • Making our drawings easy to read for the client, to deliver as clear a picture of the final product as possible;
  • Exercising attention to detail; and
  • Making our drawings easy to read for the builder, to eliminate confusion on the construction site.

We are committed to providing integrated designs that complement our natural environment by:

  • Incorporating natural light whenever practical for more appealing, satisfying spaces;
  • Using natural ventilation to compliment the electrical for lower air conditioning costs;
  • Using materials that are safe to the environment and to humans; and
  • Using materials that are recyclable to minimize damage to the environment.
Leo Sapene
Leo Sapene
Leo Sapene
Leo Sapene was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He would later attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to study English. Afterwards, he attended the College of Architecture and Design at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He graduated in 1976 with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. In the summer of 1973 he worked with and studied under the architect Pablo Solery in Arcosanty, Arizona. Solery, who had previously been a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, influenced Leo by helping him to perfect his craft and inspiring him to be always mindful of the environment while designing. Since 1976, Leo has worked with private firms specializing in both commercial (assisted living, healthcare, and restaurant design) and residential (exterior, interior, and landscape) design. Together with Alan Robertson, Leo Sapene started Organicus Incorporated in 1994 with a focus on new construction, additions, and renovations as well as interior design and landscaping. Organicus Inc. became Organicus LLC in 2004. Leo has been an instructor in the Architectural Engineering Technology department at Nashville State Community College (Cookeville and Nashville Campuses) intermittently since 1986.
Fabian Bedne
Leo Sapene & Fabian Bedne
Fabian Bedne was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in 1983 he received his degree from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Buenos Aires. He came to the United States 20 years ago as part of Columbus Area International Program, a USA training program that exchanges human services professionals from one country to another to develop and exchange ideas. Upon immigrating to the United States, one of Fabian’s first projects was a major urban renewal revitalization of an inner city neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio.  In 1997 Fabian joined a Nashville architectural firm which specialized in commercial design for the public sector. His latest projects include the Headquarters for the Nashville Fire Department and the Howard Office Building. After the May 2010 flood in Nashville, Fabian worked with Rebuilding Together, Nashville on the restoration of 25 flood-damaged homes.

Mr. Bedne is on the advisory boards of the Nashville area Habitat for Humanity, The Housing Fund, the Saint Thomas Health Foundation, Oasis, and Hispanic Elected Local Officials. He serves on the Nashville Metro Council representing District 31, and is the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Affordable Housing Committee of the Metro Council.
Yvette Phinder
Leo Sapene, Fabian Bedne, & Yvette Phinder
Yvette was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She graduated from the Ibero-Americana University in Mexico City in 2001 with a degree in Architecture. While living Abroad, she worked at Etchegaray Architects in Santiago de Chile in residential design, commercial design, and supervision. In 2002 she worked at the Asian Foundation for Urban Innovation in Tokyo, Japan, as a designer for a low-income housing project to be built in New Dehli, India. In 2003 she was an Assistant Teacher at Hitotsubashi University for the “Global Citizenship Across Borders” course in 2003 where she also studied the Art of Fung Shui. Currently, she is a remodeling consultant working with architects in the Nashville area.
Brian Humburg
Brian Humburg
Brian was born in Gallatin, Tennessee, in 1989, and has called TN home ever since. In 2015, he received an Associate's Degree from Nashville State Community College where he learned to use AutoCAD (Computer Aided Drafting) properly from Leo Sapene. In 2017, Brian started working with Organicus full-time. After a brief hiatus in 2022, he came to his senses and got back to work. Brian helps to produce many of our construction documents, building models, and renderings. He occasionally has useful design ideas, and is entirely responsible for anything wrong with the website.
B a u h a u s 9 3
The font used in Organicus LLC's logo is called Bauhaus93 in honor of the German art school, Bauhaus, which operated between 1919 and 1933. The school was largely responsible for inspiring the modernist movement in architecture, championed by such architects as Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. True to the spirit of Bauhaus, Organicus continues to combine art, function, simplicity, and the expression of the elements in all of its designs.

You can find examples of the works of these and many other famous architects on our Pinterest Page!
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27 Years of Experience in Design
We Excel at seamless transitions, functionality, and at matching any architectural style.
We Excel at producing Construction Documents that are easy-to-read for the client and for the general contractor.
We Excel at producing integrated designs that compliment our natural environment.
Extensive library of product catalogues. (Light Fixtures, Paint Colors, Plant Materials, Appliances, Plumbing Fixtures, Doors and Windows, etc.)
Organicus LLC uses AutoCAD and Revit to produce it's Construction Documents. Occasionally, we rely on a French software called Artlantis to produce photo-realistic images that may help the client to better visualize the final product.