Organicus Inc. was formed in November of 1994 by Alan Robertson and Leo Sapene. The business started as a landscape company offering design and build services. A year later, Organicus moved to its first office on 2815 Azalea Place in Berryhill. It rapidly expanded its services to include residential, commercial, and interior design. In the year 2000, the incorporation of Organicus was dissolved; the company continued as a proprietorship owned solely by Leo Sapene. In 2004, Fabian Bedne joined the team as a co-owner and Organicus became Organicus LLC. The company now operates through a virtual office in the homes of both owners.

In almost 25 years of service, Organicus has provided quality designs for many new homes and additions and renovations for many more. It has helped to make the city of Nashville and the surrounding areas even more beautiful by providing attractive and informed landscaping designs. It has served the community, particularly the Latin-american community,  by designing new restaurants and improving many more. Organicus has also worked to improve hospitals, museums, churches, and much more.
Project Highlights
- Taj Restaurant (Restaurant Addition & Renovation)
- Page Residence (Residential & Addition Renovation and Landscape Design)
- Las Palmas Restaurant on Franklin Pike (Restaurant Renovation)
- NMAAM (New Commercial Space in Existing Building; Collaboration with Harold Thompson Architects)
- Los Churascos (New Restaurant in Existing Building)
- Ana Valencia Residence (New Home Design)
- Las Fogatas in Franklin (Restaurant Renovation)
- Jefferson Residence (Residential Addition & Renovation and Landscape Design)
- Nunez Residence (Residential Renovation)
- Las Palmas on Hayes Street (Restaurant Renovation)
- DePriest Residence (New Home Design & Landscape Design)
- Metropolitan Wine & Spirits (Commercial Renovation)
- Freitag Residence (Residential Addition)
- Phelan Residence (New Home Design)
- Ramos Residence (Residential Addition & Renovation)
- Iglesia Hispana de Nashville (Institutional Renovation; Converted Warehouse into a Church)
- Mostajir Residence (Residential Addition & Renovation)
- Las Palmas Charlotte (New Restaurant in Renovated Space)
- Madlen's Spa (New Skin & Hair Salon)
- Polk Residence (Residential Addition & Renovation and Landscape Design)
- Las Palmas on Nipper's Corner (Restaurant Renovation & Addition of Patio)
- Shockley Residence (Residential Addition & Renovation in Collaboration with Wills Company)
- Taqueria San Luis (New Restaurant)
- Yubersky Hair & Nail Stylist (New Hair & Nails Salon)
- Oscar's Taco Shop in Franklin (Restaurant Addition: Dining)
- James' Salon (New Beauty Salon)
- Ramos Residence (Residential Addition & Renovation)
- Critical Care Tower (Indoor Landscape for Vanderbilt for Green Resources)
- Horgan Residence (Residential Addition & Renovation)
- El Manjar Mexican Restaurant (Restaurant Renovation)
- Los Compadres (Market Addition & Renovation)
- Peter's Sushi & Thai in Brentwood (New Restaurant)
- El Burrito Mexican Restaurant (New Restaurant Inside Farmer's Market)
- Wayland 1 & 2 (New Home Designs for Serenity Development)
- El Tapatio (New Restaurant)
- Vailwood (New Home Design for Serenity Development)
- Turner Residence (Residential Interior Renovation; Collaboration with Wills Company)
- DePriest Residence in WV (Residential Renovation)
- Duplex @ Woodlawn and Worthan (New Home Design for KC Constructions)
- Brentwood Academy (Institutional Interior Design; Collaboration with M E Lovell Interior and Oxford Interiors)
- Davis Residence (New Home Design; Collaboration with Wills Company)
- Page Residence (Residential Landscape)
- Conway Residence (New Home Design)
- Gorlin Residence (New Home Design)
- The Club at Bellevue (Commercial Interior Renovation)
- The Club at Green Hills (Commercial Interior Renovation and Original Logo Design)
- St. Paul Southern Methodist Church (Institutional Addition: Ampitheatre)
- Sapene Residence (New Home Design)
- Orgebin Residence (Residential Renovation)
- Marlow Residence (Landscape and Pool Design)
- St. Paul Christian Academy (Institutional Renovation)
- 3rd Ave. South (Historic Residential Renovation)
- Schematic Design for Loretta Lynn (Residential Addition & Landscape Design)
- Dietz' Addition (Residential Addition & Renovation)
- Dietz' Residence (Residential Landscape; Front)
- Hindu Temple Priest Residence Old Hickory Blvd. in Belle Meade (Expansion to Existing Priests' Residence)
- Kartomakis Residence (Residential Landscape; Front)
- Airways Plaza (Commercial Landscape)
- Oliver's Residence (Family Room Addition)
- Williams Residence (Residential Landscape; Front and Side)